Music Groups

Recorder Orchestra
of NY (RONY)


     Patsy Rogers started conducting the Recorder Orchestra of New York (RONY) in 2008. The orchestra has been performing in the New York area for twenty years and
currently numbers eighteen members, each playing all recorders
from sopranino to contrabass, one member often plays bass viol.


Recorder Swing Band

     Patsy is the leader of the Recorder Swing Band which plays
arrangements by Stan Davis of music mostly from the 30's and 40's.





The Swingettes



Lucy and the Swingettes is a recorder septette
and Lucy Field, who sings and swings the vocals. The group performs mainly
at retirement communities, health facilities, parties, and holiday gatherings.

Seven women play all the recorders
from soprano to contra-bass
and one swingin' soprano

Margaret Cowden - Lucy Field
Diana Foster - Jean Johnston
Debbie Love - Susan Moravek
Patsy Rogers -Karen Wexler