Five Songs from “Sonja ”for Soprano and Piano
Casia Publishing Company

I. Sunny
Listen to the song Sunny (2.7MB)
II. Sounds While Falling Into Sleep
Listen to the Sounds While Falling Into Sleep (2.96MB)
III. Breathing
  Listen to Breathing (5.6MB)
IV. Healing
  Listen to Healing (1.1MB)
V. From the Other Room
  Listen to From the Other Room (4.03MB)

These songs are on the CD: Songs by Armerican Women Composers which can be found at the iTunes store.

Womansongs for Soprano and Piano

I. Women (Adrienne Rich)
II. November 1968 (Adrienne Rich)
III. I Dream I’m The Death of Orpheus (Adrienne Rich)
IV. A Strange Thought (Nancy Dean)
V. Flamingoes and Bear (Jewelle Gomez)
VI. Woman (Audre Lorde)
VII. You Say (Elsa Gidlow)

Songs Of Age, Of Dreams for Soprano and Piano

I. Age: Two Voices (Naomi Replansky)
II. A Few Words in the Mother Tongue (Irena Klepfisz)
III. The Sad Children’s Song (Grace Paley)

Six Songs – Poems by Eugene Guillevic (translations by Denise Levertov)
For Soprano and Piano

I. Dans La Lumière…
II. Il y Aura Toujours…
III. Partout
IV. Voir
V. Dans la Grotte aux Glaçons
VI. Recette et Chanson

Hilda’s Song (by Hilda, age 10) for Soprano or Mezzo Soprano and Piano

I Am Marie… (Dorothy Parker) for Soprano and Piano
Keep a Poem in Your Pocket (Beatrice Schenk de Regniers) voice and piano
Argument (Jane Chambers) for Soprano and Piano
Love Poem/For A Capricorn (Susan Sherman) for Soprano and Piano

O My Sweet Pictures (Nan Youngman) for Soprano and Piano
Who’s This Old Woman (Nan Youngman) for Soprano and Piano

To Make a Play (May Swenson) for Mezzo Soprano and Piano
A Round for four equal voices (Eve Merriam)

Five Short Songs from Chinese Poems (translated by Kenneth Rexroth)
Arranged for soprano, viola, cello

I. The Willow (Tu Fu)
II. Another Spring (Tu Fu)
III. The Crescent Moon (Mei Yao Ch’en)
IV. Alone (Chu Sha Chen)
V. Epigram (So Tung P’o)


Choral Works

Elizabeth Blackwell - for SATB

Aretemis -  for women's chorus (text by  Patsy Rogers and Lucille Field)

Betty Crocker - for women's chorus and percussion

Flamingoes and Bears - for women's chorus  (text by Jewelle Gomez)



Reweavings for Recorder Orchestra



Conversation Against Death, a chamber opera, text by Eve Merriam
Soprano, Chamber Orchestra